A great way to help your community is to help create “Blessing Bags”. We request that all donation bags are pre-made prior to donation. This helps us keep up with the demand and time needed to take on this task. Below are the items mostly used – so next time your at the store grab some bags and create some love and life with this easy way to show you care.

We give the blessing bags to the local homeless & shelters in the area.  We truly appreciate your donations and the time you put into it!

Create your own blessing bags with items below:

Donation Drive

Please CONTACT US for any questions, we only take pre-made blessing bags. Please make sure all items are unopened and not expired. Thanks!


As of March 22, 2019 we have 169 total so far! Bring on the baskets!

Want to donate a basket? CONTACT US

The Easter baskets are a way to honor and help kids have some joy in their lives. “Kaydyn, Fly high sweet angel, you will be with us always!”

Easter basket drive

In Memory Of Kaydyn.


4 weeks ago

So many wonderful ladies to celebrate in September! Happy belated birthdays Grace, Brooklynn, and Bristol!

And a special "Thank you" and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our September Sponsor and wonderfully ... See more

1 month ago

Happy Birthday to Ms. September!

1 month ago
Photos from Cure For Our Friends's post

Such a fun evening celebrating Miss B Birthday at Vanderbilt. Thank you Stephanie for sharing her day with Michelle Gregory Butler and I.

1 month ago
2 CF Mutations Corrected Using CRISPR Gene Editing Tool, Study Says - Cystic Fibrosis News Today Forums


Using the CRISPR gene editing tool, researchers were able to permanently correct two CFTR gene mutations in cells derived from cystic fibrosis patients.

1 month ago
Dublin's Dash

For everyone that has called or texted about Dublin this AM!
You got this! Dublin

And...we are on our way

1 month ago

Many thanks to Cutter Cares LLC for your generous support!
And happy belated birthday, Jeffery!

1 month ago

Check out Mr. August! How cute is this guy?!
Thanks again to Doherty Photography for the spectacular shots of Emmett!

1 month ago

Can anyone use Creon 12,000? If so please reach out to me and I’ll arrange to get it to you!

2 months ago

So proud to call The Skahl’s CFOF’s longest supporting musical groups! Join us at our next event to hear this awesomeness!!! We love you guys!💜💜

2 months ago
Photos from Cure For Our Friends's post

Here's some pics from Friday night's dinner~concert benefit for Cure For Our Friends held at the Capitol.
We had a great turn out, awesome entertainment and a scrumptious dinner!! We can't wait ... See more

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