Thank You To All Our Sponsors, Donors and Participants.

A Big Thank YouA big Thank You from Stacey's Parents, Jacksonville, FL
Good Day:
We would sincerely like to express our gratitude for the amazing gift toward the electrical invoice which was imposed upon us unexpectedly by our Association.  It really saved us.  Stacey and (us,) her parents, live in the same Condo Development, good in most ways, and not so good in others, such as this situation with the electrical.  Therefore we had to pay for our own as well.  Thanks to your organization we paid ours and then just the balance of hers, so amazing.  Thanks to all who had a part in this!
As you are aware Cystic Fibrosis is extremely straining on not only on the adult with the disease - medically, stress-fully, monetarily, but it impacts the entire family as well as the financial burden is astronomical.   You have no choice but to assist, for the co-pays for the Doctors & meds alone are ridiculous.  We cannot fix our daughter (and we would love nothing more than to do so) and that is the most difficult part as parents.  To watch, and to watch the lack of media attention to such a debilitating disease without help.
Thankfully Stacey still remains hopeful, appreciative, compassionate, inspirational, and accepting.  She is brave and we have learned much from her, as the young woman she's become.  Truthfully, we had given up hope of anyone helping, in any way with this situation, as well as any others.  Stacey never gives up hope.  Your organization has proven that their is still people out there who care, who will help.  Your gift was such a lifesaver for us and we are forever thankful to all those who had a part in making this decision.  Our heartfelt thanks are with you all.  Words are never enough, but know that you are forever in our hearts.
Mary & Peter

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